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Making bird feeders

Strategic Objectives

Develop task design in mathematics

How will pupils, teachers and the school benefit?

  • Varied fluency using 'Intelligent Practice' is embedded across the Federation.

  • Every Maths lesson provides opportunities for all children to reason mathematically.

  • Improved pupil outcomes - we will target:

  • Greater than 80% at the "Expected standard"; and

  • Greater than 25% at "Greater Depth"

Linked to these Strategic Aims

High quality, inclusive teaching


Build and maintain an irresistible curriculum



What are the essential 'ingredients’ of the intervention?

  • Clear learning objectives and titles for tasks (no success criteria needed).  These will be taken from the White Rose Small Steps Document.

  • Varied fluency using 'Intelligent Practice' (small, deliberate changes to questions).

  • Then link task to a reasoning question.

  • Adults provide examples of and/or resources to support Pictorial, Concrete, Abstract approach.

  • Carefully differentiated tasks.

  • Independent extensions available through ‘challenge cups’ or on a worksheet.

  • Practical exploration tasks before a written task are often used.

  • 'S Plans’ need to be carefully used to set out the learning journey and adapted for 23 – 24.

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