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Strategic Objectives

Increasing parental engagement

How will pupils, teachers and the school benefit?

  • Parents know why, where and how to support children’s learning.

  • Parents are facilitated to share their school experiences to support continual improvement & learning.

  • The Federation is focussed on listening to parents & pupils.

  • The Federation culture supports pupils, parents and schools to achieve the best for pupils.

Linked to these Strategic Aims

Engage and support families



How will it be done?

Short Term

  • Role Profile created for a Family Support Worker.

  • Interval advert issued for the position. 

  • Produce a calendar of all Curriculum Information Evenings across the academic year.

  • Timetable all Parent Forum and Headteacher Surgery dates.

Medium Term

  • Train the new Family Support Worker to start working with families.

  • Pilot “Read with Me” & “Write with Me” sessions where parents stay with their child at drop-off and engage in a 15 minute learning activity with them.

  • Launch the 'Headteacher Surgeries' at both schools.

  • Hold the first 'Parent Forum' meeting.

  • The calendar of 'Curriculum Information Evenings' begin.

Long Term

  • The Family Support Worker is keeping in regular contact with and supporting disadvantaged families where there are attendance and/or parenting support issues.

  • The “…with Me” parent/child activity sessions are occurring regularly across the Federation.

  • 'Headteacher Surgeries' and 'Parent Forums' occur at least termly.

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