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Strategic Objectives

Increase the accuracy of formative assessments

How will pupils, teachers and the school benefit?

  • Increased pupil attainment across the Federation.

  • 75% at "Expected Level"; and

  • 20% at "Greater Depth"

  • Teachers make accurate judgements and identify precise next steps for pupils to accelerate progress for all pupils.

  • Staff are proactive in implementing strategies to accelerate progress for all pupils.

Linked to these Strategic Aims

High quality, inclusive teaching


Engage and support families



How will it be done?

The Assessment Manager will create a portfolio of writing exemplification materials to demonstrate Age Related Expectations (ARE) & Greater Depth Standard (GDS) for each year group at each milestone. 

The Assessment Manager will complete the refining of 'Arbor' assessment statements to ensure they are fully fit for purpose.

The Assessment manager will work alongside selected class teachers to accurately assess ARE, GDS, and clarifying expectations at both levels.

The Assessment manager will model to staff how to match the work in books to the Arbor formative assessment statements so that class teachers are completing the tracking grids meaningfully.

Pupil Progress meetings for disadvantaged pupils every six weeks to discuss the progress of disadvantaged pupils.

A Pupil Progress meeting in Week 2 of Autumn term to support class teachers in understanding the demographics of their disadvantaged families.

Senior leaders to create a moderation timetable – creating a ‘progression line’ to confirm correct standards are being achieved across the Federation.

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