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Strategic Objectives

Developing the senior leadership team

How will pupils, teachers and the school benefit?

  • Leaders have clear and ambitious visions for providing high-quality education to all pupils.

  • Leaders ensure that teachers receive focused and highly effective professional development. 

  • Leaders ensure that teachers’ subject & pedagogical knowledge consistently builds and develops over time. This consistently translates into improvements in the teaching of the curriculum.

Linked to these Strategic Aims

High quality, inclusive teaching


Build and maintain an irresistible curriculum



How will it be done?

Senior leaders will update position statements on the impact of their work in 2022/23.  These reports will be data driven and linked to the initial success criteria.

Subject position statements will then inform:

  • PP Strategy review

  • Self-Evaluation form

  • Federation Improvement Plan

Establish clear roles and expectations for senior leaders.  These are linked to role profiles & job descriptions.

Academic training on leadership.  These sessions will take place in leadership time and be based on precis of research from the NPQSL programme.

Coaching: Executive Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher to work alongside senior leaders every 3 -4 weeks (based on cycle) to carry out book sampling and planning scrutiny.  Model completion of monitoring forms and how these should be feedback and inform further actions to support.

Senior Leaders to build a strong research basis for school improvement work:

  • Modelled Writing

  • Intelligent Practice

  • Mental Health in children

  • Assessment for learning approaches

  • Effective learning environments

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