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Strategic Objectives

Embed the use of the Six-Strands curriculum

How will pupils, teachers and the School benefit?

  • Pupils will be supported to develop learning behaviours that help them make good progress.

  • Children who require extra help with their behaviour are given the support they need.

  • All pupils receive support with their mental health.

  • Staff are confident to teach the 'Six Strands Curriculum' & 'Stormbreak Interventions'.

  • Staff are support in their own mental health and feel confident in teaching strategies to their children.

  • Parents understand how the Six Stands curriculum benefits their children.

Linked to these Strategic Aims

Equip pupils to thrive physically and mentally



How will it be done?

Integrate the Six Strands and Scarf Curriculum – identifying how the SCARF planning and resources can be used to deliver the Six Strands outcomes. 


Training for all staff on the Stormbreakers Mental Health Programme.

Parent workshop on the Six Strands Curriculum

Staff mental health working party to develop an action plan for supporting staff wellbeing.


Acorns groups are taught initially in KS2, then expanded to include Infant pupils.

Participation in the Basingstoke & Deane Inclusion and Diversity Partnership. 

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