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Behaviour management is important in the classroom

Behaviour management is important, not least because it creates an appropriate environment for learning to take place. If there are clear boundaries then children are enabled to develop positive behaviour, such as respect, towards each other.

Code of Conduct


We accept that instructions must be followed


We behave in a polite and respectful way


We care for everyone and everything

Behaviour Management in our schools

It is a primary aim of our Federation that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly. We are a caring community, whose values are built on the Christian ethos of mutual trust and respect for all. The Federation behaviour policy is designed to encourage pupils to behave with integrity and co-operate consistently well with each other, where all members of the school can live and work together in a supportive way. It aims to promote an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure. 

The ABC framework is intended to be simple and easy to remember. This is then backed up through our recognition system.

Playground Rules




We stand still, in silence when we hear the bell or whistle and walk to our classrooms

We ask children to join in with our games

We show respect to everyone on the playground


We say sorry if we hurt or bump anyone by accident

We look after each other and play together


We take care of our equipment and use it properly

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