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Welcome! Coffee, anyone?

Hello all, and welcome back to another school year!

Are you available to help us on the morning of Thursday 8th September?


The Friends are running the coffee morning at St Nicolas Church Hall on 8th September as our first fundraising event of this term, and we would like your help to serve drinks, cakes and run the activities. We'll also need a few home made cakes to sell, so perhaps you would like to dust off your baking skills for us?

Please let us know by reply to if you can help; all offers welcome, just an hour would be great, more even better.

Of course if you would like to just visit us whilst we are there, that would be great too! Bring your kids, we'll have a teddy tombola and cake to enjoy!

See you there!

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Friends of Woolton Hill
Friends of Woolton Hill

Thank you for helping, making cakes and donating to our St. Nicholas Coffee Morning!

We have made approx. £130 from your efforts for the school which is really good as the event was not as busy as usual.

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