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Friday 28th April

Headteacher's Update

This week I have been having meetings with Governors and Senior Leaders to begin planning the next phase of our Federation's journey. We were proud of the outcome from last term's OFSTED inspections and saw it as confirmation that we are on the right track. However there is much work still to do.

This week we have started to write the plan to become OUTSTANDING by the time of the next OFSTED inspection in approximately four years. This plan will evolve further over the next few weeks as I consult with staff and pupils on its contents. I also look forward to sharing it with parents later this term, to give you the chance to feedback, contribute and support.

Earlier in the week, I issued exciting news about our new Federation school uniform which will be introduced from September 2023. We received a fantastic response to our consultation earlier in the year and I would like to thank all the parents and children who responded. School uniform is a key component of our vision and values, and a physical representation of what we stand for, so we're excited to reach this key milestone. If you've not had a chance to read the full blog post it can be seen here. A full list of the new uniform requirements can be viewed on our website here.


I would like to inform you that our HC3S Cook Shirley Sandel has decided to take a well earned retirement. It is difficult to sum up in words the contribution that Shirley has made to St Thomas' across the 25 years that she has been preparing meals for our community. I know that some of our parents enjoyed her amazing cooking when they were pupils here. Shirley has always brought warmth, energy and her caring manner and made preparing lunches 'more than just a job'.

We shall all miss her hugely and wish her a long and restful retirement. Shirley will be visiting school on Friday 5 May to see the children and say 'goodbye', however she is keen to remain closely involved in the life of the school and I hope that she will be in often, as one of our volunteers.

Walk to School Week

Walk to School Week takes place from Monday 15th May to Friday 19th May. This is a great chance to teach the importance of road safety, learn about the local environment and have a chat; whilst enjoying a healthy start to the day. It will also help congestion at the school gate. Children will be able to register their journeys on a chart in class and participants will receive a certificate at the end of the week. Your child will receive a leaflet about this today. You can also find out more about Walk to School Week here.

Children's Birthdays

Recently, I have been asked about the Federation's policy on children bringing in sweets to school to hand out to the class when it is their birthday. I am aware that there are a range of views on this subject. Some parents are keen to do this as a fun way of celebrating their child's birthday, others would prefer that school encourages healthy eating. Some parents feel this puts them in a difficult position. In setting out the Federation's approach I would like to invite parents to share their views on this subject with me via this link.

Star Awards

The following children received Star Awards this week! They should all be really proud, well done!









Six Strands Awards

Self Regulation



Ben N


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