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Covid 19 Update

As you may be aware, the number of Covid-19 cases in our local area at present are relatively high, and our schools’ communities are not immune to this. We are of course taking all the appropriate measures, in line with our Covid Contingency Plan, including increased hand hygiene and ventilation of classrooms. We would also remind parents to be extra vigilant for signs of symptoms in children, and act accordingly.

LFT tests can be ordered online:

Or collected from your local pharmacy.

If your child tests positive, please follow the government guidance:

This increase in cases is creating some significant challenges within our provision of staff to ensure that all classes can operate safely within the normal school structure. It is our absolute priority to keep our schools open, and we will look to adapt the operation of classes to ensure that this remains the case. But given the current stretches on our staff teams, we may have to close classes, and move teaching on-line. Please be assured that this is not a necessity at this current time. This decision would only be taken as a last resort and only on the grounds of health and safety, when appropriate staffing ratios cannot be maintained.

Learnings from previous lockdowns during the pandemic have ensured that we are well prepared and can deliver a full school day for all our children through on-line school. We will of course try to give parents as much notice as possible if this becomes a necessity and will only move to on-line provision for as short a period as possible.

We of course hope that we can continue to welcome all children into school, but given the current case levels, want to assure you that we are fully prepared and ready if the need arises. We will make adequate provision for children whose parents are critical workers.

Any further updates will be issued through the schools’ websites and usual communication channels.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Paul Davies

Executive Headteacher

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