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Our Vision, Values and new Logo

As we teased at the end of last year, we are excited to launch our new Vision, Values and Logo. This follows an extensive consultation with children and staff, Governors and parents.

Be sure to check out the Vision and Values page on our new website to learn more, or watch the video from Mr Davies and Miss Knapp, at the end of this post, where they explain all in more detail.

Our new Vision

The vision is a really important part of improving the quality of education in our schools. It paints a picture of what we are all working together to achieve. It articulates to parents, staff, pupils and governors, exactly what our school will look, feel and sound like when we have got things right. It is the blue-print for our Federation.

At the centre is our new Vision statement. From the book of Matthew. "Let your light shine."

Let your light shine

Our job is to promote the unique talents of all of our pupils and develop their knowledge, their skills and their passion for learning so they are best placed to go out into the world and let their light shine.

Our new Values

If the vision is our end destination, our core values sum up how teach our children how they should act as they go along their Primary School journey.




The Federation is about equipping our children to be responsible citizens and respectful adults. As a school community we have a responsibility to model to the children what this looks like.

Our new Logo

In the Summer Term of 2022, our children, staff and governors undertook a project to design the logo for our new Federation. Not only did we want our logo to be relevant to our village context, but we also wanted it to represent what we stand for as a Federation and the 'Primary School experience' that we are creating.

The image of a single branch changing through the seasons not only represents our wonderful school environment, but it also shows the journey of change our pupils undertake as they move from St Thomas Infant School, through Woolton Hill Junior and beyond. The children grow, change adapt and renew as they learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to succeed.

More to follow

As Mr Davies says in the video, there is more to come over the coming weeks, months as the school adopts and embraces these and we start to live them.

We welcome your comments and questions.

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