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New Year, New Website

Alongside the launch of our new Vision, Values and Logo, we are pleased to also launch our new website. Last year we launched two new websites which modernised the way that parents and other visitors engaged with the school. We got lots of positive feedback, but we knew we wanted to do more!

What's changed

Over the past 12 months, the work to align the two schools more closely has progressed at pace, most recently with the launch of our new Vision, Values and Logos. That meant it was the perfect time to launch our new website that brings together St Thomas' Church of England Infant School and Woolton Hill Junior School into a single site.

Everything, all in one place. But easy to filter, so you see what's relevant to you.

What hasn't changed

We have always said how important it is that both schools should retain their individual characters, and the creation of a single website is not a signal that this is changing. One of the Federations biggest strengths is that we have separate Infant and Junior schools, allowing us to focus on the needs of each age groups, at the same time as providing a full, primary experience. The best of both!

Using the website

A good website should be intuitive, and shouldn't need lengthy instructions. One of the key design elements is the ability to filter key pages between infant and junior, such as on News, Events or the Team page. The intention here is to avoid the need to scroll past content which is less relevant to you.

Few key pages to check out

Let us share a few key pages that we think you should check out:

  • The home page sets the tone for the site, and also includes three recent, featured new posts. For all the news, head over to the dedicated News page where you can filter on Infant or Juniors

  • Similarly, the Events page can be filtered by school

  • There's a separate page to show term dates and inset days

  • All of our policies can be found in Key Information; and

  • There's a Parents section on the menu with lots of useful pages for parents of children at the school

Works well on mobile

We know that more people view the internet on their mobile phone than on desktop or even laptop computers. We've made sure then that the new site is optimised for mobile devices. If anything doesn't work as you'd expect though, let us know.

How do I find the new site

The main domain for the site is but you can get to the site using the previous domain for Infant or Juniors just the same and you'll be redirected.

We hope you enjoy using this new version of the site. If you have any comments then please get in touch.

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