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Traffic Safety in Woolton Hill

The wellbeing of our pupils is of paramount importance, both inside and outside of school. Although our schools enjoy a village location, the road through Woolton Hill can be busy, especially around the the start and end of the school day, and there are signs that if we do nothing then an accident will happen.

I met with Martin Hainge of the East Woodhay Parish Council (EWPC) to discuss the situation and will join him at the next Council meeting to present the case for action.

Your support requested

I would like to share with the council examples of feedback from parents on their perception of the traffic in Woolton Hill and what action could be taken to improve this.

Attached is a link to a short form for you to share your thoughts.

My observations

There are two key issues that I see:


At all times of day, the speed of some vehicles down Woolton Hill Road is too high. Higher than the legal limit and too high for the situation. During a recent survey by EWPC they identified more than 16% of cars were exceeding the 30mph speed limit, with one vehicle recorded at 50mph!

Approach to the crossing points

Each school has a natural crossing point, marked by bollards and a narrowing of the road. For the Infants this is outside the carpark for the village park, and the Juniors it's outside and just above the entrance to the school.

The council has been unsuccessful in recruiting a crossing supervisor (lollipop person) and the crossing are becoming dangerous. Particularly so at the Junior School. Some cars stop, others do not. People are blocking the crossing whilst waiting for vehicles to turn into the school, and it often hard to see or be seen whilst crossing.

What have you seen as potential dangers?

My thoughts

Both crossing points, but particularly the one outside the Junior School, are dangerous and action needs be taken. Ideally we will have a crossing supervisor. In addition, or in place of this, then a formal crossing such as a zebra crossing, preferably with a speed bump, would have a real benefit to slow traffic down and make the crossing safer.

I understand that it will be difficult to make a case to reduce the speed limit for the road, but signage such as "20 is plenty" has been used in some situations to make drivers think about their speed and to take care.

What do you think?

Please take a moment to provide your feedback - this will help us make a stronger case to the Council and press for change.

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