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St Thomas' New Library

We are delighted to now have a fully stocked Library ready for children and parents to visit and use. We are looking forward to weekly Library times for each class, regular books coming home and an after school time for parents/carers and children to visit together.

We do need some help though - to run a successful Library we need to have adult support for half a day weekly. This would be to re-shelve books, support the smooth running of the Library, manage the Library environment and help us to keep it looking this enticing! We are therefore looking for a regular team of parent helpers who can commit to helping the school to manage this amazing new resource. Can you help? This might be for a half day weekly or less often if we have a team of parents who can help!

Please contact Debbie in the school office to offer your support. The school Library service will provide training and full support to parent helpers.

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