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Proposed Change of School Uniform - Consultation for September 2023

Last year we launched our new Vision and Values, together with our new Logo. These are shared across both schools and symbolise an important milestone on our school improvement journey. The uniform that our children proudly wear is a keyway in which we demonstrate our commitment to our vision and values and so we are excited to move to the next phase - a new uniform!

In addition to representing our Vision and Values, the uniform needs to fulfil a number of key criteria. The uniform needs to look smart and represent our school as we would want to be seen; it needs to be practical and comfortable, be something that the children are proud to wear, and needs to provide families with good value. It should provide consistency within the school and between our schools, clearly identifying children as being pupils of the Schools of Woolton Hill.

he introduction of a new uniform will be phased, and families will not be asked to replace their child’s existing uniform.

In order to help us make some key decisions with regards to the uniform, we wanted to get the feedback of our parent community, as well as pupils, staff and governors.

Please follow this link to complete the short survey.

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