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Six Strands &

Acorn Group

About the Six Strands

Just as children need to learn (and be ‘taught’) things like reading and mathematics, so too do they need support, direction and modelling of the social, emotional and behavioural aspects of learning and development. By being proactive in addressing this aspect of learning from a very early age, we are promoting the rounded growth and development of our children and equipping them with vital lifelong skills.

The Six Strands Curriculum is a tool, which has been developed and trialled, to support in promoting positive behaviours, emotions and relationships for all children. It aims to equip children with the skills, attitudes, behaviours and characteristics to help deal positively with the many and varied social and emotional contexts and challenges. 

The Six Strands

Self Regulation

These are represented for children as walls of 'I can' statements (5 in total). Each term the whole Federation will focus on one strand through assemblies, class discusssion, 6 strands lessons and recognition of the strands in action! 

Some children may need more support and time to develop their social and emotional skills. This is delivered through our nurture group, 'Acorns'.

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