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World Book Day 3 March 2022

Dear parents/carers

World Book Day is on Thursday 3rd March and we will be celebrating it during the day. We are hoping to inspire all children to become readers and share lots of book within your households and at school. This post outlines the activities that we are planning to hold to celebrate World Book Day’s 25th anniversary.

Dressing up Day Thursday 3rd March

We would love to see the children get involved and dress up as their favourite book character for the whole day, some classes may have chosen a class theme. Please do not go to any expense for this outfit. As we are not asking for a voluntary donation this year, we would encourage you to consider the ‘Book Exchange’ as an alternative.

Book Exchange

All children are invited to bring in a book (or books) from Monday 28th February that they would like to donate to our St Thomas' book exchange. The books should be suitable for someone else of a similar age to select. There will be opportunities in the week for all children to select a book to take home that other children have brought in to the Book Exchange.

World Book Day Party

The theme of this year’s World Book Day is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary. All classes will hold a party to celebrate during the day. Teachers are eagerly planning party games (with a reading theme!) to play with their classes. Children will also spend some time earlier in the week creating decorations for their classroom.

World Book Day website

Alongside the activities taking place on the day, the World Book Day website ( has a number of fun activities and videos which you can get involved in. There are several Share a Story sessions that feature well known authors and celebrities reading stories and sharing their passion for books.

Thank you for all of your support.

Regards, Tom Scott Oak Class Teacher (WHJS)

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