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Stubbington 2023 Post 2

Today, after an early start and a filling breakfast, the children had their room inspections. The children did very well tidying their rooms and one person even got told they had made the best bed they had ever seen.

For the first activity, the children made their way down to the beach. The children made their own rockpools, finding sea creatures, such as muscles periwinkles, and even some anatomies. The children then had a sandcastle building competition. All the sandcastles looked amazing and the children showed off their fantastic teamwork. The last activity at the beach consisted of fossil hunting which the children were really excited about. Many fossils were found, including sharks teeth.

After lunch, the children use knot skills to make their own shelters using bamboo sticks and rope which was then tested to see if the children could fit and whether they would survive a rainy night.

The children were able to visit the top shop and bought lots of souvenirs to bring home with them. The final activity of the day was orienteering where the children had to use their maps to find signs around the grounds. That would give them the answer to a question. The children were really excited to be able to explore the grounds, especially places that they hadn’t visited yet.

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