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Stubbington 2023 Post 1

The Year 4’s have had a very busy and exciting day at Stubbington. They started with a tour of the area and then got straight into their first activity, Stubbington Fox. The children had to act like foxes, being stealthy, clever and quick to explore the conservation area, using a map to find answers to questions. Whilst exploring, some of the children were lucky enough to see a deer walking through the grounds.

After a very filling lunch, the children were excited to be shown to their rooms and unpack. They had some free time to explore the grounds, play in the adventure playground or play football.

After dinner they were engrossed in a wildlife show, where they were shown photos and told stories about different animals indigenous to England. Later this evening they will be visiting the hide, and fingers crossed they will see some foxes and badgers.

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