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Specific Literacy Skills Advisory Teacher

We are delighted to have Mrs Callow continue as part of our special needs team. Mrs Callow provided a wealth of experience and knowledge when she worked as our Inclusion Consultant and we are delighted she is able to continue at The Schools of Woolton Hill, supporting us with children who present with a specific literacy need. This might be children for example who struggle to develop their phonics skills, those who find spelling or learning to read particularly difficult.

Children experience literacy difficulties for a host of reasons, some short term and others longer term. Understandably this can cause parents and children to be concerned. It is Mrs Callow’s role to support us in identifying potential barriers to progress, in order to create better readers and writers.

To achieve this Mrs Callow takes a well-rounded view by:

  • Listening to each child and finding out what their experience of learning is.

  • Talking with parents and carers.

  • Liaise with the class teacher and SENDco.

  • Carrying out school based assessments as necessary.

  • Making practical suggestions to support progress.

  • Putting findings into a clear report which is shared with all concerned.

  • Following the assess-plan-do-review cycle.

A bit more about Karen:

“Alongside being a teacher in the primary sector for many years , I also attained a Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre and The National SENco award from Winchester University. This area of specialism, has supported a deeper understanding of why some children experience difficulties in acquiring good literacy skills and what to do about this”.

Mrs Callow’s usual working day is Thursday. Children are referred to Mrs Callow via Miss Knapp the schools Deputy Headteacher and SENDco. Please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance, or Miss Knapp, if you are concerned about your child’s progress with their literacy skills.

Some useful links to explore further into Specific Literacy Difficulties:

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