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Netball: WHJS vs Whitchurch

Match report by the team

The match started after school and we started with a Woolton Hill first centre. The first quarter was lucky for us, Abby was captain and started as centre, Ava goal attack, Phoebe goal shooter, Alice goal keeper and Elsa goal defence. Within this period Ava scored 5 and Phoebe 1, we were off to a great start! In the second quarter Elsa was goal shooter, Grace goal defence, Phoebe centre, Alice goal attack and Emilia goal keeper. During the third quarter Alice played centre, Emilia goal shooter, Abby goal defence, Ava goal keeper and Grace goal attack. We didn't score any during the third quarter but Whitchurch scored one. In the final quarter Abby was goal attack, Ava goal shooter, Elsa goal keeper, Phoebe goal defence and Emilia centre. Ava scored a goal just before Abby slipped over and Grace took her place as goal attack. Sadly for us, we lost 8-7. It was a good match and Whitchurch played well. Our upcoming match against Oakley had to be postponed due to the weather but we are looking forward to playing them after half-term.

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