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Junior Newsletter

Friday 12th May

Headteacher's Update

Well done to all the Year 6 pupils who took part in their SATS tests. We are really proud of the way they have approached the test this week and for doing their best. We can be very proud of every one of them. I would also like to thank all of the staff for the support they have given to the children and to the kitchen team for providing them with a tasty breakfast each morning.

I would also like to thank Mr Tooze and Mrs Chang who have been really busy in school clearing up the school site and filling our skip with old equipment. The area around the containers looks a lot better - thank you.

Our children have been performing acts of kindness to celebrate the King's Coronation. You can find out more about what they've been up to here.

Year 5/6 Production

Upper KS2 will be proudly presenting a retelling of the Legend of Robin Hood - Hoodwinked!

Robin Hood is back in town, along with Maid Marian, the Sheriff of Nottingham, Friar Tuck and Richard the Lionheart. Will he succeed in his plight to free the nation from the tyranny of the wicked Sheriff? Will King Richard return from the Crusades in time? And, will Maid Marian get her man?

A swashbuckling modern adaptation of the traditional Robin Hood story, Hoodwinked will have your audience 'booing', 'hissing' and 'cheering' with gusto.

Year 5/6 parents will soon be able to book tickets for the shows at 2pm and 5pm on Tuesday 12th July - save the date.

Sports Day

This year our Federation Sports day will be held on Friday 7th July at the Junior School. The school gates will be open at 9.20am and the whole family is welcome to come along and show their support. A family picnic will take place at lunch and afterwards children are free to leave school with their family. Further details will be available closer to the event.

Please remember to show consideration for our neighbours when parking for this event or preferably please walk into school that day.

Walk to School Week

Walk to School Week takes place from Monday 15th May to Friday 19th May. This is a great chance to teach the importance of road safety, learn about the local environment and have a chat; whilst enjoying a healthy start to the day. It will also help congestion at the school gate. Children will be able to register their journeys on a chart in class and participants will receive a certificate at the end of the week. You can also find out more about Walk to School Week here.

Children's Birthdays

Recently, I have been asked about the Federation's policy on children bringing in sweets to school to hand out to the class when it is their birthday. I would like to thank all of the parents who responded to the recent survey. 77% of respondents said that they thought that children should continue to be allowed to distribute sweets to their classes on birthdays.

Given this is the clear preference, we shall continue to allow this across the Federation. Pupils will be told not to open the sweets in school and to take them home, so that parents can continue to exercise responsibility for when their children eat them. If you have any concerns about your child being given sweets, please speak to a member of staff.

School dinners - price increase

We have been informed by HC3S that the price of school dinners will be increasing to £3.00 per meal from 5th June 2023.

Staff Vacancy

We are currently recruiting for a new teaching assistant at the Junior School. If you are interested in applying or know someone who might be, please view the details of the position here.

Governor Vacancies

Have you ever thought about becoming a school governor? We have vacancies on our Governing Body for both parents and members of the community. Click here to find out more.

Star Awards

The following children received Star Awards this week! They should all be really proud, well done!

5th May: Seb L, Addie F, Nina H, Alice M, Finn E, Millie T, Jack W-G, Rayan A, Evie M, Graham C and Izzy C

12th May: Harry D, Lilliana F, Eloise D, Martha M, Maxey R, Lucas B, Harley H, Rohan R, Evie C, Jimmy P, Alice S and all of Year 6!

Six Strands Awards


5th May: Jack W, Harley Ho, Toni-Lea E, Sophia C and Cayden B

12th May: Tyler W, Martin M-B, Xander B, Annabelle L and Harvey W

Hot Chocolate

5th May: Rose Ha, Oliver J, Ella W, Barney B and Alice F

12th May: Alfie K, Grace H, Jemima R, Josie F and William W

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