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Exciting Maths!

An Update from Mrs Robinson-Slater

We love maths at The Schools of Woolton Hill and this term we are working really hard to make sure all of the children receive a brilliant maths education.

We believe that Mathematics offers children the opportunity to think creatively and allows them to solve problems in a variety of ways. We want all pupils at The Schools of Woolton Hill to experience the joy, the power and the wonder of Mathematics and develop a sense of curiosity about the subject with a clear understanding.

This term we have been thinking carefully about how we plan a careful learning journey for pupils that mathematical understanding is built sequentially and tasks are matched to individual needs.

We aim for children to have a positive appreciation of Maths and to be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics with a clear conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply their mathematical knowledge at speed. We want all children to have the skills to solve problems and harness their mathematical understanding to variety of situations including real life scenarios.

To support you in helping your child, we will be hosting a Maths workshop for parents 3.45pm to 4.30pm on Monday 14th November. School staff will demonstrate how maths is taught across the Federation so you can support children's methods of calculation at home.

This is an event for parents with children at St Thomas' and Woolton Hill Junior School. We will run a creche for school age children in the ICT Suite while the meeting is in progress. To book your place click on this link:

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