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Calshot Update 4

The children should feel really proud of their achievements today. Our groups rotated around different activities in the morning. Group 1 began in the Velodrome to learn the technicalities of track cycling. The children clipped in to their bikes and took to the circuit, building up speed and whizzing past on the straights.

Another group had their second session on the ski slope, building on the skills they developed earlier in the week and making their way higher and higher on the slope, executing a steady descent and a controlled stop at the bottom.

Aero Track is an activity on ropes, similar to Go Ape, where the children make their way around an obstacle course, high up in the main hangar. All the children bravely met the challenge and worked as a team to great effect.

In the afternoon the whole group donned wetsuits and made their way, back out onto Southampton Water, this time in Kayaks. Despite the sunshine, strong winds and a rapidly moving tide, made for challenging conditions. The children had to quickly master control of the canoe and were able to enjoy a variety of races and games, before returning to shore.

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