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Calshot 2023 Post 4

After another excellent breakfast; the day began, in beautiful sunshine, down on the beach. The children had the opportunity to explore the coast line to see what natural treasures they could discover. The groups worked well together and before long had found a variety of items including Spider Crabs, Jellyfish, Cuttlefish and eggs.

After a quick break for flapjack and squash it was into the hangar for a variety of problem solving challenges. These included mazes, puzzle solving and blindfolded navigation. These required communication, team work and perseverance - which the children demonstrated in spades.

The children did us proud in the afternoon, when they took to the water again. This time in sailing boats. It was amazing how quickly they picked up the essential skills of managing the sail and rudder and very quickly were racing each other between buoys. Nobody capsized - not even Mr Scott!

After the evening meal, the children began to get ready for Quiz Night!

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