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Woolfest 23: What A Night!

On Friday we held our 10th Woolfest and what a great night it was! Firstly, thank you for not letting the initial drizzly rain put you off coming to support the event. Luckily, the rain blew over and stayed away. Our favourite part of Woolfest is seeing our school community coming together, for one night and everyone having a wonderful time. Seeing the children running around with coloured hair and eyebrows! Parents being able to relax, chat, laugh and enjoy themselves. This is what makes Woolfest special. Thank you, to everyone who did their helpers slot, with everyone doing their part, it means Woolfest can happen. An extra thank you, to the parents who helped us set up and those who helped take it all down before going home at the end of the night. Thank you again, to all the wonderful companies that donated to the Silent Auction. Plus, Alfresco Marquees, Chris Pearce for DJ’ing and the team from All Star Cricket. Plus, all the Junior School staff who helped on the night. With an extra thank you to Mr Davies, for going in the stocks. It wasn’t quite the hot evening we’d hoped for, when you said yes! We really appreciate it! As, we’re all very aware the cost of everything has gone up. But, as we mentioned a few months ago, we decided to not pass this onto our families and we froze the ticket price. We knew this would probably mean we would make less money, but it was the right thing to do. However, thanks to the generosity of everyone who brought a ticket, drank a drink or 2, brought a toy and bid on the silent auction we have done better than we thought we would! We’ve raised an incredible amount of money and we will have the final total to share with you soon. All of the children will benefit from this fantastic amount of money that we raised. Whether you came to Woolfest or not, your child will benefit. We’re already discussing with Miss Knapp, plans for the new playground and the support we’re able to give. We have 5 members leaving the Friends of Woolton Hill Junior School at the end of July. This includes our Treasurer and Secretary. Which means we will need to recruit several new members, for our committee to continue and enable the money we’ve raised to be spent. Please get in touch, if you would like to find out more. Thank you again for coming and supporting this wonderful event. The Friends of Woolton Hill Junior School

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Also we must thank Olly and the team from WHAFC for mowing the grass before the event and lending us their fridge. Cheers guys!

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