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Proposal to join our PTAs

I would like to inform parents that we are currently discussing plans for The Parent Teacher Association at St Thomas' to merge with the Friends of Woolton Hill Junior School to form one unified group: "Friends of the Woolton Hill Schools."

This feels like the natural next stage of the journey of our Federation. Teaming up promises to enable our 'Friends Group' to be an even more powerful charity; raising more money for all our children; bringing our community together and offering lots of fun activities that all of our families can get involved with.

This change means that there would be one committee, ensuring a joined up approach to planning across both schools. We are very lucky to have such strong 'PTAs' and they really do help to make a financial difference. Recent projects have involved the purchase of computer equipment, furniture, as well as ICT and playground facilities.

It is proposed that all money that has been previously raised by the separate groups will be spent at their individual schools. Moving forward funds would be distributed on a per pupils basis. This means that the money you raise will directly benefit your children.

This really is a great time to get involved and make a difference. It's a lot of fun putting on discos, fairs and the legendary WoolFest! It's also a great way to make friends with other parents, especially if you're new to the Federation. Claire & Stuart (Chairs)

This is a significant change and we welcome your views at our upcoming AGMs. This change needs to be voted on by members at these meetings. We are confident that moving forward this change will benefit both schools but we welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

These meetings will take place:

WHJS: Thursday 12th October @ 7pm.

St Thomas': Thursday 19th October @ 8pm.

Call to action!
  • Share your feedback with the Chair's of the current committees or, better still, join them at their upcoming AGM's - you don't need to have been a member previously

  • Consider volunteering to be part of the committee that organises events throughout the year - this isn't a commitment to support every event

You can find out more from our FAQs section here.

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