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Kandinsky Trees

The children had a great time painting seasonal trees as winners of the school art competition. The children took inspiration from two artists, Kandinsky for his colourful, symbolic concentric circles and Klint for his tree of life with swirling branches.

I hope you agree, their innovations are amazing! Some children painted solo pieces and others worked together to create a tree for a season. So, the result is two trees for summer, spring, autumn, and winter. Sophia painted a psychedelic summer tree, Izzy and Adelaide combined forces to create their own unique summer design. Ellis and Maddison created colourful trees in Springtime. Josie, Charlotte, and Jack depicted autumnal trees, complete with a squirrel or two. Eva painted a dramatic winter tree, complimented with purple swirls. Jemima cleverly adapted what was going to be a summer tree to a winter design, decorated with snow.

The children used acrylic paints on board, recreating their original designs on a large scale. Having all signed their work with gold pen, they are now on show for all to see in the junior school corridor. A big thank you to our artists for making the school an even better and more colourful place to be.

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