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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

Here at Woolton Hill Juniors we are extremely fortunate to have a large outdoor space including our very own woodland. This area can be accedd jointly by both pupils from the Infant and Junior schools.

Through our outdoor learning curriculum we aim to provide all of the children within the federation the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom as much as possible.

Over recent years there has been a growing body of evidence that supports the value of the ‘outdoors’ in terms of children’s development. Outdoor learning provides children with the space to move freely; movement along with play has been described as the most natural and powerful modes of learning for young children. The outdoors also has a huge positive impact on the health and mental wellbeing of children.

During our outdoor learning sessions children are encourage to work both independently and within a group to solve problems in a creative way, building important life skills in the process. These discreet outdoor learning activities are combined with other lessons within the curriculum to truly embrace the outdoors.

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