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Calculation Progression

KS1 Long Term Map

Lower KS2 Long Term Map

Upper KS2 Long Term Map



Mathematics is a crucial discipline which helps us to better understand the world around us. We believe that Mathematics offers children the opportunity to think creatively and allows them to solve problems in a variety of ways. We want all pupils at The Schools of Woolton Hill to experience the joy, the power and the wonder of Mathematics and develop a sense of curiosity about the subject with a clear understanding.

At The Schools of Woolton Hill we foster positive attitudes and encourage pupils to challenge themselves. We use mistakes and misconceptions as an essential part of learning and we believe that our pupils should be courageous and able to solve rich and sophisticated problems. We want all pupils to reason mathematically and present their understanding using a range of mathematical representations and language.

At The Schools of Woolton Hill we believe that all pupils can achieve in Mathematics and are able to develop and grow as confident mathematicians.



Our curriculum aims to enable all pupils to become the very best version of themselves they can possibly be.

Children are taught Mathematics approximately one hour daily and support is determined before and during each lesson to ensure secure understanding based on each individual need. Cold and Hot Tasks are used, where appropriate, alongside termly assessments which help staff to determine each pupil’s existing and developing knowledge and skills.

Curriculum Maps are adapted from the White Rose Maths Scheme and are available to view on the links opposite. Teachers meet in teams to carefully plan units of work that are bespoke to the learning needs of their children. Progression within the subject is based on the White Rose Small Steps Guidance:

This is used to create a learning journey for the unit - an 'S' plan. This sets out the teaching sequence as well as potential misconceptions that must be addressed, pictorial representations that could support understanding an opportunities for pupils to develop reasoning. The 'S' plan becomes a working document that informs the creation of a short term plan for each class:

Challenge is visible throughout each session where reasoning and problem solving questions are central to support and develop each pupils understanding.

Alongside this, The Schools of Woolton Hill use a variety of resources to ensure a broad, rich and varied approach. These include NRich, NCETM and Classroom Secrets. Mini Maths is used daily to recap and consolidate learning.



We aim for children to have a positive appreciation of Maths and to be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics with a clear conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply their mathematical knowledge at speed. We want all children to have the skills to solve problems and harness their mathematical understanding to variety of situations including real life scenarios.

Using mathematical language, children should be able to prove, justify and reason mathematically. We want children to see mathematics as a journey rather than a destination.

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