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Knowledge Overview

Skills Progression



Computing is an integral aspect of our everyday life and will undoubtedly play a fundamental part in our children’s futures. At The Schools of Woolton Hill we aim to equip pupils with the necessary skills, creativity and knowledge needed to be ‘digitally literate’ and thrive in a world increasingly reliant on computing.

As pupils progress through the school they will have opportunities to explore coding, generate content, develop their computational thinking as well as learning about the importance of online safety. When using the internet (at home or in school), we ensure pupils are aware of the necessary precautions to take and where to seek help if they encounter any issues online.



As computing is such a comprehensive subject, we teach it discreetly in weekly sessions to ensure children have regular interaction with technology. We also aim to embed the use of technology wherever we can in order to develop, consolidate and apply children’s skills in a variety of contexts.

At The Schools of Woolton Hill, we appreciate that online technologies are constantly changing. Therefore, we feel as though it is important to support and educate parents in keeping children safe online. To do this, we offer a range of useful resources to inform parents and support them in managing their children’s online use.



Through the delivery of our computing curriculum, children will leave our Federation as competent, creative and safe users of technology. In order to ensure standards are high, we regularly review books, saved content and planning in addition to conferencing pupils.

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