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Newsletter 18 March 2022

Headteachers Update

Welcome to this, our third newsletter published on our website. You can find this, and past issues published on the website by going directly the News & Events tab. You can filter to just see the Newsletters from there.

I would like to start this week with a brief staffing update.

Several parents have commented on how pleased their children are to have Miss Macdonald teaching them in Owls class this term. You may remember that Miss Macdonald was originally appointed in a part-time position and I would like to thank her for 'stepping-in' and working full time for the Spring Term. I am delighted to announce that we have appointed an excellent teacher to work alongside Miss Macdonald in Owls class. Miss Harriet Tice is a very experienced teacher who has worked at several Hampshire schools and demonstrated some excellent teaching abilities on interview. Miss Tice will work in Owls on Monday and Tuesday, with Miss Macdonald in class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Miss Tice will be in school in the next few weeks to get to know the school and the children.

I am aware that there have been a few staffing changes for this class this year. These changes have been beyond my control, but we will ensure that the class teachers work very closely together to ensure a smooth transition for the children.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the recent Phonics workshop and to Miss Dixon and Mrs Watson for their helpful advice. A key message to take away is that children must remember to bring in their reading book/diary to school each day. Thanks to parents for helping your children to 'remember'.

You will have received dates of our upcoming parents evenings. These meetings will inform you of your child's progress against age related expectation, what they need to do to improve and how you can support this. I'm pleased that we can return to face to face meetings. Please enter the building at the time of your appointment directly through the back door to your child's classroom. You will then have an opportunity to look at your child's tray of work in the shared area, before exiting through the building. Booking details will follow soon.

Red Nose Day

Thank you all for your amazing support today. We have had some fabulous cakes donated for our cake sale. Thank you to the children who participated in our mufti day and made donations to this great cause. I'm delighted to inform you that we raised over £170 with proceeds from the cake sale and donations!

Parents Meeting: E-Safety

Keeping children safe when they are online is an important priority at the Schools of Woolton Hill. We are holding a parent e-safety workshop at the Junior school on Wednesday 23 March, starting at 3.45pm. Run by our ICT Specialist Providers HARRAP ICT, will inform parents about how you can teach your children to be 'Internet' Safe and make you aware about how you can protect them from risk whilst online. To book your place click here.


I would like to remind parents that the school day begins at 8.55am, with doors opening at 8.45am. Please make every effort to get your children to school on time, lateness not only disrupts your child's learning, but that of the rest of the class when pupils enter the classroom late. Pupils who arrive after 9am, must be signed in at the office.

The school day finishes at 3.15pm. Please collect your children promptly. Staff have lots of work to do after school and are unable to supervise children who are collected late.

Please can parents ensure they supervise children whilst they are waiting for collection. Children must not play on the school equipment before or after school as our insurance does not cover accidents in these circumstances.

For safety, all children's hair must be tied back. I thank all the parents for your support with these matters.

Mother's Day Lunch

Thank you to the parents who have signed up for the parent lunches next week. Please come to the school office at midday on your chosen date. Your child will meet you in the office and take you in for lunch. We look forward to seeing you.

Governing Body

The Governing Body have a vacancy for a Clerk. This is a paid role and you can find out more by clicking here.

WHJS After School Club

We currently have vacancies for a Play Leader and Play Worker at the new Junior School After-School Club that we hope to launch on Monday 28th March. If you would like to apply for one of these roles, you can find out more below. So far we have not been able to appoint to these positions and I ask that you pass this information to anyone who you think might be looking for a new opportunity.

We are also looking for donations of good quality toys and games that the children can use at the club. Please bring in anything you think is suitable to either of our schools.

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes

Paul Davies

Executive Headteacher

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