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September 2023 Intake

Please see below as much information as we think you will need to get started before your child comes to school in September. We have included a number of useful links for you. If you have any questions at all please get in touch with the school office by phone or email.


Every child under 5 years old is entitled to free milk which is delivered to school. If you think your child would enjoy a small carton of milk daily please sign up by following this link:

School Meals

Children in Infant Schools qualify for Universal Free School Meals. Please follow this link for access to the HC3S school menu: Children order their meal daily - there is no need to pre-order. It would be helpful if you would have a look at the menu with your child prior to them staying for lunch.

If your child has any allergies to food then please apply for a 'Special Diet Menu' through the HC3S Online Portal by 19th June 2023:


Our school uniform stockist is Price & Buckland. Please follow the link below to our online uniform shop:

Orders are to be placed before 1st August.

Full uniform details are found here here:

Your child will require a gym bag and a book bag. Please ensure EVERY item of clothing is clearly named.

School Holidays

Please follow this link to Hampshire County Council holiday term dates. School inset days will be communicated in the near future:


Please follow this link for guidance on your child's attendance at school:

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