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Woolfest 2023

This year’s Woolfest will be held on Friday 30th June – Pop it in your calendar!

The Friends of Woolton Hill Junior School have lots planned for this year’s event and we can’t wait to see our wonderful school community coming together, to enjoy this much loved night.

New for 2023!

This year Mr Davies will be going in the stocks, start practising your aim!

We are introducing a festival tent, where children can get hair chalks, face gem stickers, glow in the dark commando stripes and more.

A new band will be taking to the stage, more to come on this soon and All Stars Cricket Club will be joining us too!

Frozen Ticket Price

We know that times are hard at the moment for many people, and we have made the decision to freeze our ticket price and keep it at 2022 prices. Despite the cost of everything going up this year, we felt that this was still the right decision, and we will just make less money.

The early bird ticket price will be back too!

Free Family Tickets

This year there will also be a chance to win a family ticket to Woolfest, with five free family tickets up for grabs. The first opportunity will be from a Woolfest Poster Competition. Children will be encouraged to enter, and the winning entry will receive a free family ticket.

The remaining four tickets will be from a free weekly draw in the four weeks leading up to Woolfest tickets being open. Every child in the school will be entered, and every Friday in the school assembly Mr Davies will draw a name randomly. The child who is randomly selected, will receive a free family ticket to Woolfest!

Will you be one of the lucky four families to receive a free ticket?

Pay It Forward

If you decide to come along to Woolfest, you will notice on the ticket application there is a Pay It Forward option. I’m sure you’ve heard this term before, but if not then it means that if you feel that you’re able to buy a ticket for another family, then you will have this option when buying your own ticket. If the Friends of Woolton Hill Junior School receive a Pay It Forward ticket, we will notify the school and they will decide which family to give the ticket too. This is a lovely way to donate a ticket, if you feel able to do so.

There is loads more we could tell you about, but we think that’s enough for now and we will leave you with the most important part….tickets will go on sale on Friday 12th May 2023.

We hope to see you there!

Friends of Woolton Hill Junior School

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