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Parent Workshop: Reading is the key to learning!

We need your support with this vital life skill. Parents and teachers should be working together to support the development of reading skills at home and in school. Are you doing your bit to support your child's reading?

Parents should:

  • Aim to hear their child read daily, a short time every day is most effective.

  • Record all home reading in your child's yellow reading diary.

  • Send your child to school every day with their reading books and yellow reading diary in their book bag.

  • Read to their children from a range of books.

  • Talk to your child's class teacher if you need more support to ensure your child reads regularly at home.

At St Thomas' children bring home two phonic decodable books from our reading scheme and one 'shared read'. Please see the attached leaflet for more details.

Your child's teacher or teaching assistant will hear children read in school every week, this might be in a phonics lesson, in a guided reading lesson, as part of an English lesson or through individual 1:1 reading. Individual reading will always be recorded in your child's yellow reading diary, providing it is in your child's book bag!

Sadly, during the pandemic school Libraries had to close. We are working hard to now reopen our School Library so that children can return to enjoying a Library time each week and bring home a school Library book. We will keep you updated as we get this vital resource back up and running.

We are also pleased to restart having regular parents reading volunteers return to school, thank you to those parents who have applied for this vital role. We look forward to welcoming you to St Thomas' after half term.

Please join us to learn more about how we teach phonics and reading at St Thomas' - We are delighted to inform you that Mrs Watson and Miss Dixon will be running a Phonics and Reading Workshop for parents to be held at 6pm on Tuesday 8th March. This workshop will take place virtually. Please click here to book your place (RSVP) and get the joining link. This Workshop will cover ways to support your child with their Reading using phonics and important comprehension skills.

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